Kintsugi Creative Co is a photography studio based in Richmond, Virginia.

We specialize in lifestyle and conceptual portrait photography utilizing natural light.

We are a minority + woman-owned business passionate about amplifying people of color, allies, and those who give a f*ck about being socially-conscious and environmentally-friendly.


Our goal is to provide a high-end creative service. From the moment you reach out to the moment you receive your memorable work, we’re here to help make your experience easy and enjoyable.


Our passion is to empower minorities, women, and allies. Through the power of storytelling, we want to highlight the personal meaning that makes every client shine.


Our mission is to make a difference. We strive to give back to marginalized communities and commit to sustainable practices.



“I enjoyed Taylor’s professionalism during the whole photoshoot experience. She responded to questions and recommendations in a timely manner and went out of her way to make sure that I got the best shots for my graduation pics. I was impressed by the way Taylor put the client first and checked in with you during the session to make sure the right angles and background were captured. I highly recommend her for any type of photoshoot for their photographic needs. I wish her much success in the future!”

About the founder

Hi, I'm Taylor! Contrary to many first impressions, I am not a teenager despite the fountain of youth working in my favor. I'm your regular ol' tax-paying adult with an endless to-do list and an even longer list of TV shows/movies to catch up on. It also so happens that I also am the proud photographer and business owner behind KCC!

I started KCC because I got tired of not seeing people with who I could identify within photos and even behind the camera. With the need for representation and changing narratives, as a creative, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I love exploring the human condition and sharing art that expresses all of the complexities of being alive. I'd love to learn about your story in person or over a call!

Photography by Mary Otanez

Behind the lens

I come from a line of photographers. As a Jack-of-all-trades, my grandfather on my father's side picked up the skill to make ends meet when he was living in China. In his early days as a hobbyist, my father loyally pledges to Nikon cameras. As a kid, I was gifted with the Nikon Coolpix SQ which was cool as sh*t back then because it literally could twist.

Since a young age, I've always been creative, service-minded, and eco-conscious. I was the kid who got in trouble for drawing on the walls at home, passionately led a bunch of student clubs, and cared a little too much about waste management. A lot of this carries into KCC as we value representation and preservation of people and the planet with our line of artistic work.

Fun facts

I enjoy sharing life with my partner.

My significant other (S/O) Lee is so lucky because he gets free front row seats to my daily stand-up comedy show. Whether he thinks I'm funny is another story. While we don't have any pets, we do have a robot vacuum cleaner named Antigua that runs around. You can find us cooking, cleaning, and wondering when our student loan debt are gonna be done and over with (go RAMS)!

I love to just hang out and watch shows/movies.

Whether it's hosting friends for dinner or catching up over a call, friendships are a big part of what keeps me sane. Who else is gonna laugh at my jokes besides me? I also love to be a homebody, after all, these streaming platforms have got me good!! When I'm a certified couch potato, I'm likely to be watching something sci-fi related.

I like to play tennis, karaoke, and dance.

Am I great at any of the above? No. But, this is the most exercise you will see me do. Unless you count the calories I burn from going from my bed to the bathroom to the kitchen which I do every morning so that has to count for something.

Our name and story

What is kintsugi?

KIHNT · sue · ghi | noun

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the pieces together with lacquer dusted in gold, silver, or platinum. This Eastern philosophy highlights that its breakage is part of history and it still holds value and purpose. In fact, the damage can be seen as more beautiful. It is a metaphor to embrace imperfections.

We find this moving concept a beautiful part of our mission to build work surrounded by meaning and validity.

Why choose us?

We love to capture and support those that believe in the importance of inclusivity, rock the non-traditional, and respect the beauty of diversity.

Just like the deep meaning behind the word “kintsugi,” we empathize with what it’s like to not be seen or heard. We seek to provide the exact opposite experience of that.

Paid off your debt and want to show off? Want to make an impression on your dating or business profile? Want to bring honor to the family with senior portraits?

Let's bring it to life

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