Sarah and I first met as strangers at the bar last October where we were both attending a networking event. To say Richmond is a small place is an understatement because as it turns out, she was my neighbor down the road!! Cue the start of a great friendship. :’)

Since then, we’ve had our share of tears, laughter, stories, secrets, and deep conversations about identity, culture, and beliefs. Having Sarah as both a friend and a client is the best of both worlds.

When Sarah announced she wanted to have a photoshoot to celebrate paying off her student debt, I was both honored and thrilled to be part of it. Additionally, Sarah wanted to work on her modeling which I was ALL FOR. Commemorating my beautiful friend’s accomplishment was fun as it allowed me to work on capturing motion. Sarah SERVED LOOKS throughout our session.

I’m excited about Sarah and her future as I know she will continue to grow, blossom, and be successful in whatever she takes on. So happy for her and so glad for our friendship!

You can read about Sarah’s experience about her debt-free milestone, here.