Does any else get excited when friends come to visit? I love it when people come to see me as I enjoy showing off the best of Richmond. Of course, that list is long given the endless restaurants, drinking activities, and outdoor sites like the James River.

Misker is one of my best friends who recently came down to RVA to hang out. We met in high school and coincidentally had a majority of classes together in 9th grade. I honestly wouldn’t have passed 10th grade algebra class if it wasn’t for him and his patience to teach me .

Our friendship still remains the same ever since then and it has been filled with tennis, movies, deep discussions, and Ethiopian food (which is now my favorite, BLESS).

Before our dinner at Aloi (RIP), I wanted us to explore Libby Hill together. We took a nice walk around the park and got some nice shots during the golden hour.

Libby Hill Park is known for its cobblestone pavements, statues, and scenic views of the river, hills, and the Richmond city.

What are your go-to places to take your friends and family in Richmond?